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Preparing our children for life.

Berkeley School is a private non-sectarian school in Baguio City. We are founded on 5 very important core values that guide whatever we do in school character, creativity, collaboration, composure, and compassion driven by the mantra of grit. These we believe are key in preparing students for life.

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Self Regulation and Discipline

Student Mastery & Holistic Development

Recent Updates

Accounting Office Business Hours Changes

With the increasing number of cases in our city while ensuring that everyone is healthy and safe we will be changing the business hours for our Accounting Office which will be open from 8am to 3pm Thursdays to Saturdays.

Classes Start on the 7th of September

We are exactly two weeks away from the opening of classes! All instructions regarding school opening will be sent to the parent’s verified emails and also to the student’s Berkeley GMail accounts!

Opening of Classes Moved to 2020 August 24

The COVID-19 Pandemic continues to rage havoc on our overall health and financial security although the promise of developed vaccines to combat this invisible enemy has provided us with a glimmer of hope.

Berkeley Enhancement and Enrichment Program now Online!

It’s TIME to go BEEP Online! Time is of the essence. Keep your children on task and productive this coming July while on school break. Enhance and enrich their skills in different areas.