Preparing our children for life.

Vision & Mission | Core Values | History

Berkeley School is a humble private non-sectarian school in Baguio City. We are founded on 5 very important core values that guide whatever we do in school character, creativity, collaboration, composure, and compassion driven by the mantra of grit. These we believe are key in preparing students for life.

Guiding Principle

We believe that each child is a unique person with great and unlimited potentials.


To be the school of choice, Berkeley School shall be a school of excellence empowering life-long learners with knowledge, skills, and values relevant to being productive citizens now and the future.


  • Berkeley is committed to developing global life-long learners through a skillful, engaged, passionate, and cohesive team of individuals providing:
  • An in-depth learning program focused on student mastery;
  • An experiential approach with emphasis on real-world applications;
  • An inclusive environment that is responsive to student needs and concerns;
  • And meaningful partnerships with stakeholders of the school, the industry, and the whole community both local and international.


Doing what is right, even when no one is watching.



Starting where you are, using what you have, accomplishing what needs to be done.



Coming together, keeping together, and working together towards success.



Grace under pressure.



Feeling someoneโ€™s pain and being moved to help relieve it.



Our Mantra: Relentlessly seeking excellence.




Berkeley introduces Project BLink

2020 May โ€“ Present
Berkeley during the first few weeks into it's first year Berkeley School’s initiative for online learning for AY 2020-2021

Implements the Distance Learning Program

2020 March โ€“ 2020 June
In the COVID-19 crisis, the school has been proactive through its Distance Learning Program that was initiated last March 30, 2020, where teachers, parents, and students worked together towards achieving learning goals for the remaining quarter of the academic year 2019 - 2020.


New President

2016 June โ€“ Present
Once the pioneering president, Rep. Mark O. Go, decided to respond to the greater calling of government service, Charis Christelle J. Go became the president of Berkeley School in 2016 with a fresh vision and an undaunted will to respond to the demands and challenges of 21st century education.


New Principal

2006 June โ€“ Present
Alfonso B. Astudillo III assumed as principal in 2006 and oversaw the steady growth of the schoolโ€™s student population along with the introduction of programs that encouraged the increased participation of students in sports, music, public speaking, and other academic ventures.


Granted Government Recognition

2004 June โ€“ 2008 March
By 2004, 2005, and 2008 Berkeley Schoolโ€™s preschool, elementary, and high school levels respectively were granted Government Recognition by the Department of Education based on the strength of its curriculum and the development of the child as a holistic person.


Established Berkeley Learning Center

2003 June โ€“ 2004 March
Berkeley during the first few weeks into it's first year Together with Ms. Mina Donio and Ms. Norma Abubo in June 2003, the school operated beginning with a population of 111 students in preschool and Grades 1-4 with 12 teaching and non-teaching personnel continuing the legacy of the former Marishan School.


Established Berkeley Learning Center

2002 November โ€“ 2003 June

The 1950's House where Berkeley would be

Berkeley Learning Center was founded in 2002 envisioned to serve as an instrument towards nation-building to help in addressing the needs of the country by Mark O. Go and Sol J. Go. It was their dream to leave a legacy in the City of Baguio.