Our Online Enrollment for AY 2020-2021 is officially open!


1. Schedule your Information Session through messaging us here in our page or signing up through this link: https://berkeley.edu.ph/admissions/

2. After the Information Session, you may now enroll! Here is the link to the guidelines on Online Enrollment: https://berkeley.edu.ph/enrollnew/


1. Make sure you have accomplished all your DLP requirements and have submitted all activities to the teachers concerned.

2. Accounts for AY 2019-2020 are settled through our Business Office or Online or Over-the-Counter Bank Transfer.

3. You may now request your log-in credentials for our Student Portal to jumpstart your enrollment. Here is the link for more details on this: https://berkeley.edu.ph/enrollcurrent/

Feel free to message us so we can assist you with your enrollment!

Times are changing, so are we.

Happy June 1st, Berkeleans!